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Let’s face it, things change…

Do you run your business exactly the same way you did 2 years ago?

What about 5 years ago?

We may be the first, and most likely the only independent consulting firm to tell you that if you are 110% satisfied with your current PEO provider that you should stay with them!  That is because we are not here to break up a happy home.  We not only believe in the PEO concept, but we think that every blue collar and construction company can benefit from partnering with a PEO.

If you think there may be a better blue collar PEO provider out there who can provide superior service regarding your specific company needs, please read on…

***Recently our firm was contacted by, and consulted with, a steel erector who had been with the same PEO provider for over 7 years.  They were fairly happy with their PEO provider, but they thought it might be in their best interest to compare their options, given the current economic situation.

After M2 had an initial consultation with the owners, they quickly realized that their pricing hadn’t been adjusted annually with current nationwide PEO pricing averages.  Consequently, their company had been “overpaying” for several years on all of their workers’ comp codes.

Once M2 PEO Solutions put together two comparison quotes for them (with construction PEOs) they realized over a $100,000 difference in annual savings!

  • What could your company do with over $100,000 of additional revenue?
  • What if your company compared this year?
  • Would it be worth your time to give us a call?
  • We all know that every dollar counts in today’s economy!
  • What do you have to lose?

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