When Your Company Partners With a PEO


Your business will benefit from:

  • Having one team of professionals to help with Payroll, HR, Workers’ Comp, Safety, and Benefits Administration.
  • “Pushing less paper” so you can focus on growing the bottom line!
  • Elimination of down payments and audits on workers’ compensation insurance
  • “Pay as you go” for workers’ comp to streamline cash flow
  • Weekly payroll and tax administration, including all filings of W-2s, 940s & 941s
  • Job costing and certified payroll reports
  • Remote payroll entry system
  • Professional HR services including employee handbooks, policies, procedures, and forms
  • Assistance in complying with federal and state labor laws and regulations
  • Assistance with unemployment claims and hearings
  • Professional safety and risk management programs
  • Safety incentive plans with safety manuals specific to your company
  • Sharing the risk & liability that comes with having W-2 employees
  • Having pre-employment background checks and drug testing available
  • Providing a better overall benefits package to employees

Employees will benefit from:

  • Comprehensive and cost-effective benefits program including 125 plan and 401k
  • Professional assistance with human resources and employment related problems
  • Professional and customized employee handbooks
  • Workers’ compensation coverage to protect them
  • Efficient claims processing
  • Additional worksite safety resources
  • Payroll that is on-time and accurate
  • Direct deposits