How M2 Helps Clients

pairing-the-right-professionalsWe Help You Find the Right PEO Partner to Handle the Critical Administrative “Paper Pushing” Associated with – Payroll, Workers’ Comp, HR, Risk Management, Benefits, etc…

As an independent consulting firm, we work directly for the business owner (not the PEO) and according to each individual client’s needs to help them find the right PEO partner.

There are over 700 PEOs currently across the country. How do you know which one is right for you? Who has the time to deal with getting quotes from even 3 or 5 different PEO providers?

We do all the legwork of putting the quotes together for you and help you to narrow down the field. Then you choose the best PEO according to your specific needs and requirements.

M2 provides personal, ongoing client support after the PEO selection is made in order to constantly monitor client satisfaction with their PEO provider.

You Stay In Control and Run Your Business, but Now You Have One Team of Professionals to Rely on for Help With the Right PEO Partner.

Service Options:

Labor Cost Analysis and Consultation: Many businesses do not know exactly where they are losing money and where their employees are spending time on unproductive tasks. We will conduct a complete Labor Cost Analysis to determine the exact time and money spent on Payroll, Transactional HR, Government Compliance, Benefits Administration, Safety Consulting, Workers’ Comp costs, claims, and audits. Upon completion you will have a very detailed summary of how you are spending your time and money each month.

Labor Cost Analysis and Consultation, with Complete PEO Quote: In addition to providing an assessment of where you are currently allocating your time and resources, we will provide recommendations that are based on our review of your completed Labor Cost Analysis and create a report that compares your current costs with our suggested course of action. You will also be provided with a Complete PEO Quote for your review.

Can Your Company Run More Efficiently and Save Money?


We Are Confident That It Can, So We Are Offering A One-Time Comprehensive Consultation & Labor Cost Analysis – A $250 Value – For FREE!

When you sign up today for this all-encompassing consultation, here is what you can expect:

  • Detailed Labor Cost Analysis
  • An Extensive Consultation Session
  • A FREE Copy of Our Guide
    STOP Spending Time On Things That Don’t Make You Money
  • A Complete Business Evaluation
  • 3 PEO Comparison Quotes

To schedule your FREE Consultation and Labor Cost Analysis and to find out how you can save time and money today –  Start Here!