Why Contractors Should Consider Partnering With A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) – Part 1: Intro

We’ve all heard the old saying that very few things are “for sure” in this life. For business owners in the construction sector, one thing though, is for sure. It’s not getting any easier to run your business and manage employee issues! First, you must attract and hire quality employees in order to have a successful business, and then, you must deal with all the issues that go along with being an employer. It hardly seems fair. Of the hundreds of construction business owners I’ve met with, talked to, and advised over the years, I’ve never heard one of them say, “I started my company because I love dealing with all the employment problems of running a business and having employees.”

Construction business owners typically have more demands on their time, higher employment liability, greater financial risks, and more concerns with cash flow than many of their counter parts in the white collar world. So how does an owner in today’s ever-changing, complex, and expensive employment world not only survive but hopefully thrive? The answer can be summed up in three letters – “PEO” which stands for Professional Employer Organization. Although the concept originated as early as the 1940s, PEOs didn’t really become popular until the 1980s. PEOs were developed out of the need to help business owners increase profitability, maximize employee productivity, reduce time spent on transactional human resources activities, share employment liability, and ultimately reduce labor costs.

About M2 PEO Solutions

M2 PEO Solutions is an independent consulting firm that helps construction and blue collar companies find PEOs (“Professional Employer Organizations”) who have expertise in the labor intensive industries. We help solve employment problems for business owners in the areas of Payroll, Workers’ Comp, HR, Safety/Risk Management, and Benefits Administration.